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Congenital Zika Syndrome-Assessing the Need for a Family Support Programme in Brazil

Antony Duttine, Tracey Smythe, Miriam Ribiero Calheiro de Sa, Silvia Ferrite, Maria Zuurmond, Maria Elisabeth Moreira, Anna Collins, Kate Milner, Hannah Kuper

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health | MDPI | Published : 2020


The Zika outbreak in Brazil caused congenital impairments and developmental delays, or Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS). We sought to ascertain whether a family support programme was needed and, if so, could be adapted from the Getting to Know Cerebral Palsy programme (GTKCP) designed for children with cerebral palsy (CP). We conducted a systematic review of the needs of families of children with CZS or CP in low- and middle-income countries and reviewed the findings of the Social and Economic Impact of Zika study. We undertook a scoping visit to three facilities offering services to children with CZS in Brazil to understand potential utility and adaptability of GTKCP. The literature review sh..

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