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The Melbourne Mastoidectomy Scale: Validation of an end-product dissection scale for cortical mastoidectomy

Benjamin James Talks, Jesslyn Lamtara, Sudanthi Wijewickrema, Jean-Marc Gerard, Alistair Macleold Mitchell-Innes, Stephen O'Leary



Introduction Cortical mastoidectomy is a common otolaryngology procedure and represents a compulsory part of otolaryngology training. As such, a specific validated assessment score is needed for the progression of competency‐based training in this procedure. Although multiple temporal bone dissection scales have been developed, they have all been validated for advanced temporal bone dissection including posterior tympanotomy, rather than the task of cortical mastoidectomy. Methods The Melbourne Mastoidectomy Scale, a 20‐item end‐product dissection scale to assess cortical mastoidectomy, was developed. The scale was validated using dissections by 30 participants (10 novice, 10 intermediate a..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Benjamin Talks would like to thank the University of Birmingham for his Student Development Scholarship which supported his involvement in this project.