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P53: A Guardian of Immunity Becomes Its Saboteur through Mutation

Arjelle Decasa Agupitan, Paul Neeson, Scott Williams, Jason Howitt, Sue Haupt, Ygal Haupt

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | MDPI | Published : 2020


Awareness of the importance of immunity in controlling cancer development triggered research into the impact of its key oncogenic drivers on the immune response, as well as their value as targets for immunotherapy. At the heart of tumour suppression is p53, which was discovered in the context of viral infection and now emerges as a significant player in normal and cancer immunity. Wild-type p53 (wt p53) plays fundamental roles in cancer immunity and inflammation. Mutations in p53 not only cripple wt p53 immune functions but also sinisterly subvert the immune function through its neomorphic gain-of-functions (GOFs). The prevalence of mutant p53 across different types of human cancers, which a..

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