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Coupled Evolution of Preferential Paths for Force and Damage in the Pre-failure Regime in Disordered and Heterogeneous, Quasi-Brittle Granular Materials

Antoinette Tordesillas, Sanath Kahagalage, Charl Ras, Michal Nitka, Jacek Tejchman



A disordered and heterogeneous, quasi-brittle granular material can withstand certain levels of internal damage before global failure. This robustness depends not just on the bond strengths but also on the topology and redundancy of the bonded contact network, through which forces and damage propagate. Despite extensive studies on quasi-brittle failure, there still lacks a unified framework that can quantitatively characterize and model the interdependent evolution of damage and force transmission. Here we develop a framework to do so. It is data-driven, multiscale and relies solely on the contact strengths and topology of the contact network for material properties. The discrete element met..

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Awarded by US DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP)

Funding Acknowledgements

AT, SK, and CR were supported by the U.S. Army International Technology Center Pacific (ITC-PAC) and the US DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMP) under Contract No. FA5209-18-C-0002. MN and JT were supported under the project: Effect of mesostructure of concrete on a crack formation and propagation-experiments and twoscale numerical model financed by the National Science Centre NCN (UMO-2017/25/B/ST8/02108).