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Tetraspanin CD53 Promotes Lymphocyte Recirculation by Stabilizing L-Selectin Surface Expression.

Maria C Demaria, Louisa Yeung, Rens Peeters, Janet L Wee, Masa Mihaljcic, Eleanor L Jones, Zeyad Nasa, Frank Alderuccio, Pamela Hall, Brodie C Smith, Katrina J Binger, Gunther Hammerling, Hang Fai Kwok, Andrew Newman, Ann Ager, Annemiek van Spriel, Michael J Hickey, Mark D Wright

iScience | Published : 2020


Tetraspanins regulate key processes in immune cells; however, the function of the leukocyte-restricted tetraspanin CD53 is unknown. Here we show that CD53 is essential for lymphocyte recirculation. Lymph nodes of Cd53-/- mice were smaller than those of wild-type mice due to a marked reduction in B cells and a 50% decrease in T cells. This reduced cellularity reflected an inability of Cd53-/- B and T cells to efficiently home to lymph nodes, due to the near absence of L-selectin from Cd53-/- B cells and reduced stability of L-selectin on Cd53-/- T cells. Further analyses, including on human lymphocytes, showed that CD53 stabilizes L-selectin surface expression and may restrain L-selectin shed..

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