Journal article

Effects of Scrum methodology on students' critical scientific literacy: the case of Green Chemistry

Johannes Vogelzang, Wilfried F Admiraal, Jan H van Driel

Chemistry Education Research and Practice | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2020


Secondary science education plays a key role in students' process to become scientifically literate citizens. However, teaching students to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with complex societal issues is challenging. This paper reports about a study in which Scrum-a methodology to manage complex projects-was implemented in secondary chemistry classrooms to increase students' conceptual understanding as well as their critical scientific literacy. A quasi-experimental design was used with 198 Grade 11 students from eight different classes. The experimental condition (99 students, 4 classes, 25 groups with 3 or 4 students, 2 teachers) used Scrum methodology during a context-b..

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