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Australian and New Zealand Veterinary Students' Ranking of Issues in Aquatic Animal Welfare and Ethics

Janice KF Lloyd, Teresa Collins, Amelia R Cornish, Christopher Degeling, Anne Fawcett, Andrew D Fisher, Rafael Freire, Susan J Hazel, Jennifer Hood, Jane Johnson, Clive JC Phillips, Kevin J Stafford, Vicky Tzioumis, Paul D McGreevy



The welfare of aquatic animals is receiving increasing attention around the world, and this should be reflected in the veterinary curricular. Veterinary students in Australia and New Zealand ranked the importance of five pre-selected topics on aquatic animal welfare and ethical issues for newly qualified veterinarians in an online survey. They ranked aquatic animals’ health and welfare issues, husbandry techniques of farmed fish, and the use of antibiotics as being of high importance for their first day in practice, with pain and distress associated with angling and trawling practices (fishing) and euthanasia ranking moderate to high. Females assigned more importance to fishing, health and w..

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Funding Acknowledgements

;The authors thank the Australian and New Zealand veterinary students who participated in this study. Support for this publication was provided by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT); the views in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views of the OLT. We thank Mick O'Neill for statistical support and several anonymous reviewers for their helpful and insightful suggestions. The authors acknowledge and express gratitude for the vast contribution made by the late Professor Victoria Braithwaite, biologist and behaviorist, to the welfare of aquatic animals.