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RUIAC Symposium, Workshop on Country, Printmaking workshop

Sally Treloyn, Tiriki Onus, Megan McPherson, Reuben Brown, Jodie Seiuli, Lauren Gower, Michael Julian, John Parsons, James Howard, Ros Atkins, Jen Tarry Smith, Samuel Murnane, Ruth Singer, Fred Gesha, Rheannan Port, N'Arweet Carolyn Briggs, Clint Bracknell, Rona Charles, John Divilli, Lloyd Nulgit Show all

University of Melbourne Southbank Campus, Red Shed Building 871 | Published : 2019


Reclamation, revitalisation, recovery, rematriation and repatriation are terms often used by artists and researchers in contemporary Australia and other settler states in relation to practicing and researching cultural heritage arts. For communities past, present and future, for collecting institutions, the academy, society as whole, and for individual actors and subjects (Indigenous and settler), much is at stake in reclamations of cultural knowledges, materials, practices and technologies: artistic traditions and technologies; individual and community wellbeing; family, community and national histories and futures; and local and international relationships. Following a three-day ceremony o..

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