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Connecting omics signatures of diseases, drugs, and mechanisms of actions with iLINCS

Marcin Pilarczyk, Michal Kouril, Behrouz Shamsaei, Juozas Vasiliauskas, Wen Niu, Naim Mahi, Lixia Zhang, Nicholas Clark, Yan Ren, Shana White, Rashid Karim, Huan Xu, Jacek Biesiada, Mark F Bennett, Sarah Davidson, John F Reichard, Kurt Roberts, Vasileios Stathias, Amar Koleti, Dusica Vidovic Show all

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractThere are only a few platforms that integrate multiple omics data types, bioinformatics tools, and interfaces for integrative analyses and visualization that do not require programming skills. Among these, iLINCS is unique in scope and versatility of the data provided and the analytics facilitated. iLINCS ( is an integrative web-based platform for analysis of omics data and signatures of cellular perturbations. The platform facilitates analysis of user-submitted omics signatures of diseases and cellular perturbations in the context of a large compendium of pre-computed signatures (>200,000), as well as mining and re-analysis of the large collection of omics datasets..

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