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The drying performance and post-drying qualities of Eucalyptus saligna exposed to intermittent and continuous drying

Karnita Yuniarti, Barbara Ozarska, Graham Brodie, Gerry Harris, Gary Waugh

Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research | Ministry of Environment and Forestry | Published : 2020


Eucalyptus saligna tends to develop defects during its drying process, thus limiting its use as construction or furniture material. Intermittent drying, which applies non-heating phases between heating phases, has the potential to overcome this issue. This study evaluated the effects of 3 intermittent and 1 continuous schedule on the species’ drying performance and post-drying qualities. The results showed that the boards from all intermittent schedules exhibit significantly slower drying rates (from -9.4x10-3 /hour to -1.57 x10-2 /hour) than those from the continuous schedule (from -5.12 x10-2 /hour to -1.03 x10-2 /hour). The intermittently-dried boards also developed lower collapse depth (..

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