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Limb symmetry index on a functional test battery improves between one and five years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, primarily due to worsening contralateral limb function.

Brooke E Patterson, Kay M Crossley, Luke G Perraton, Avnish S Kumar, Matthew G King, Joshua J Heerey, Christian J Barton, Adam G Culvenor

Phys Ther Sport | Published : 2020


OBJECTIVE: Evaluate change in functional performance from 1- to 5-years after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR). METHODS: 59 participants (38 men) aged 29 ± 16 years completed three hops and one-leg rise 1- and 5-years following ACLR. Linear mixed-effects models evaluated differences in change between the ACLR and contralateral limbs. Participants were classified with stable, improving or worsening function relative to previously published minimal detectable change thresholds. Healthy controls completed the three hops (n = 41) and one-leg rise (n = 31) as reference data. RESULTS: The contralateral limb had a significantly greater decrease in functional performance between 1- a..

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