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Individual deviations from normative models of brain structure in a large cross-sectional schizophrenia cohort

Jinglei Lv, Maria Di Biase, Robin FH Cash, Luca Cocchi, Vanessa Cropley, Paul Klauser, Ye Tian, Johanna Bayer, Lianne Schmaal, Suheyla Cetin-Karayumak, Yogesh Rathi, Ofer Pasternak, Chad Bousman, Christos Pantelis, Fernando Calamante, Andrew Zalesky

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


AbstractBackgroundThe heterogeneity of schizophrenia has defied efforts to derive reproducible and definitive anatomical maps of structural brain changes associated with the disorder. We aimed to map deviations from normative ranges of brain structure for individual patients and evaluate whether the loci of individual deviations recapitulated group-average brain maps of schizophrenia pathology.MethodsFor each of 48 white matter tracts and 68 cortical regions, normative percentiles of variation in fractional anisotropy (FA) and cortical thickness (CT) were established using diffusion-weighted and structural MRI from healthy adults (n=195). Individuals with schizophrenia (n=322) were classifie..

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