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Effect of biomass concentration on methane oxidation activity using mature compost and graphite granules as substrata

S Xie, T O'Dwyer, S Freguia, I Pikaar, WP Clarke



Reported methane oxidation activity (MOA) varies widely for common landfill cover materials. Variation is expected due to differences in surface area, the composition of the substratum and culturing conditions. MOA per methanotrophic cell has been calculated in the study of natural systems such as lake sediments to examine the inherent conditions for methanotrophic activity. In this study, biomass normalised MOA (i.e., MOA per methanotophic cell) was measured on stabilised compost, a commonly used cover in landfills, and on graphite granules, an inert substratum widely used in microbial electrosynthesis studies. After initially enriching methanotrophs on both substrata, biomass normalised MO..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Remondis Australia and the University of Queensland who jointly fund the Centre for Solid Waste Bioprocessing. This work was performed within a landfill biocover program with additional funds from the Australian Research Council (DP140104572) and the Queensland Government under the Smart Futures Research Partnership Program. The authors gratefully acknowledge Dr. Yang Lu for technical assistance in carrying out the microbial phylogenetic analysis and Ms Andrea Muller Pavez for quantifying the relative abundance of methanotrophs.