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Memristive in situ computing

O Kavehei, E Skafidas, K Eshraghian

Handbook of Memristor Networks | Published : 2019


The missing link between a nonlinear circuit element that is able to selfadjust its conductance according to the history of applied voltage/current and physical realizations of two-terminal oxide-based resistive memory was discovered in early 2008, and has since then been intensively studied. This class of memory devices is calledmemristive devices, which includes resistive random accessmemories (RRAM), phase change memories (PCM) and spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive memories (STT-MRAM). Memristive devices are mostly CMOS and fab friendly, and promise simpler architecture, high scalability and stackability (3D), good selectivity, relatively, low-power consumption, high endurance and ret..

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