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When Trust Goes Wrong: A Social Identity Model of Risk Taking

Tegan Cruwys, Katharine H Greenaway, Laura J Ferris, Joanne A Rathbone, Alexander K Saeri, Elyse Williams, Stacey L Parker, Melissa X-L Chang, Nicholas Croft, William Bingley, Laura Grace

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology | AMER PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOC | Published : 2021


Risk taking is typically viewed through a lens of individual deficits (e.g., impulsivity) or normative influence (e.g., peer pressure). An unexplored possibility is that shared group membership, and the trust that flows from it, may play a role in reducing risk perceptions and promoting risky behavior. We propose and test a Social Identity Model of Risk Taking in eight studies (total N = 4,708) that use multiple methods including minimal group paradigms, correlational, longitudinal, and experimental designs to investigate the effect of shared social identity across diverse risk contexts. Studies 1 and 2 provided evidence for the basic premise of the model, showing that ingroup members were p..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

Tegan Cruwys and Katharine H. Greenaway are supported by Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DE160100592 and DE160100761). Studies 4 and 13 were also supported by funding from the Queensland Government Department of Child Safety, Youth, and Women. We thank Kirsten Axford who collected data for Study 9, Jason Dean and Sophie Gates who assisted with data collection and coding in Study 10, Craig Rice who provided technical expertise for Studies 2 and 8, as well as Eric Vanman and Daniel Skorich for their valuable insights on the design of Study 6. We thank the organizers of the Dark Mofo festival, especially Kate Gould, Miriam McGarry, and Natasha Wardale, for their support for Study 5. Data collection for Studies 4 and 13 was facilitated by Taylor Alati, Sarah Blessing, Joey Brautigam, Thomas Curro, Samuel Fouhy, Petra Harman-Schufft, Sienna Hinton, Yasmin Larasati, Jenna Laroque, Harrison Lee, Sarah Macinnes, Thomas McCarthy, Joseph Martin, Daniel Raab, Younji Ryu, Joshua Santin, Martina Vuckavac, Zoe Weller, Nick Wheeler, Olivia Zeckovic, Lara Ollis, Bhargav Dave, Brittany Chapman, Cassandra Alford, Gabrielle Chatwood, Jessica Gralton, Pratima Kavi, and Yanzhuo Yu.