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Regulating Color Activation Energy of Mechanophore-Linked Multinetwork Elastomers

W Qiu, PA Gurr, GG Qiao

Macromolecules | American Chemical Society | Published : 2020


To lower color activation stress/strain while maintaining excellent mechanical properties for mechanochromic materials has been a challenge. Here, a structure of multinetwork polyacrylates was adopted to incorporate a widely studied mechanophore, spiropyran (SP), to investigate the regulation of mechanochromic sensitivity by varying network compositions. In situ color channel intensity analysis was used to characterize deformation-induced ring-opening of SP to merocyanine (MC) for color changes. The multinetwork strategy could substantially reduce the onset of mechanochromic activation strain and stress, and the resulted double networks and triple networks exhibited remarkable mechanochromic..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

W.Q. thanks the University of Melbourne for providing the Melbourne International Research Scholarship. This research was funded partially by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council. grant no. IH120100053.