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Non-Parametric Decompounding of Pulse Pile-Up under Gaussian Noise with Finite Data Sets

C McLean, M Pauley, JH Manton

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing | IEEE | Published : 2020


A novel estimator is proposed for estimating the energy distribution of photons incident upon a detector in X-ray spectroscopic systems. It is specifically designed for count-rate regimes where pulse pile-up is an issue. A key step in the derivation of the estimator is the novel reformulation of the problem as a decompounding problem of a compound Poisson process. A non-parametric decompounding algorithm is proposed for pile-up correction with finite-length data sets. Non-parametric estimation typically includes appropriately choosing a 'kernel bandwidth'. Simulations demonstrate our data-driven bandwidth selection is close to optimal, and outperforms asymptotic-based selection in the typica..

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