Journal article

Flexural and free vibration control of smart epoxy composite beams using shape memory alloy wires actuator

Mohsen Gol Zardian, Navid Moslemi, Farzin Mozafari, Soheil Gohari, Mohd Yazid Yahya, Colin Burvill, Amran Ayob

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures | SAGE Publications | Published : 2020


Shape memory alloys are increasingly used in numerous smart engineering structures. This study experimentally investigates static flexural and free vibration characteristics of composite beams reinforced with shape memory alloy wires. The key to this study is using shape memory alloy fibers as a means for influencing and tuning the static and dynamic responses of structures. A series of static three-point bending and modal experiments is performed to capture the capability of shape memory alloy wires in controlling the static and dynamic responses of a reinforced beam. Static and dynamic behaviors of the fiber-reinforced beam with different volumetric fiber fractions are examined. Before hea..

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