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Revealing the Role of Methylammonium Chloride for Improving the Performance of 2D Perovskite Solar Cells

Fei Zheng, Chuantian Zuo, Mengsi Niu, Chunhua Zhou, Siobhan J Bradley, Christopher R Hall, Weilong Xu, Xiaoming Wen, Xiaotao Hao, Mei Gao, Trevor A Smith, Kenneth P Ghiggino

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces | American Chemical Society | Published : 2020


Layered perovskite films, composed of two-dimensional (2D) Ruddlesden–Popper perovskites (RPPs), show improved stability compared to their conventional three-dimensional (3D) counterparts in perovskite solar cells (PSCs). However, 2D PSCs exhibit a lower power conversion efficiency (PCE), which has been attributed to compositional inhomogeneity and nonuniform alignment of the 2D perovskite phases. Methylammonium chloride (MACl) has been adopted as an additive to improve the PCE and the operational stability of 2D PSCs, although the role of MACl in performance enhancement is unclear. In this work, time- and spatially resolved fluorescence and absorption techniques have been applied to study t..

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