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High Efficiency Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells: Effect of Surface Coating versus Bulk Incorporation of 2D Perovskite

T Duong, H Pham, TC Kho, P Phang, KC Fong, D Yan, Y Yin, J Peng, MA Mahmud, S Gharibzadeh, BA Nejand, IM Hossain, MR Khan, N Mozaffari, YL Wu, H Shen, J Zheng, H Mai, W Liang, C Samundsett Show all

Advanced Energy Materials | Wiley | Published : 2020


KGaA, Weinheim Mixed-dimensional perovskite solar cells combining 3D and 2D perovskites have recently attracted wide interest owing to improved device efficiency and stability. Yet, it remains unclear which method of combining 3D and 2D perovskites works best to obtain a mixed-dimensional system with the advantages of both types. To address this, different strategies of combining 2D perovskites with a 3D perovskite are investigated, namely surface coating and bulk incorporation. It is found that through surface coating with different aliphatic alkylammonium bulky cations, a Ruddlesden–Popper “quasi-2D” perovskite phase is formed on the surface of the 3D perovskite that passivates the surface..

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