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Sub-Bandgap Luminescence from Doped Polycrystalline and Amorphous Silicon Films and Its Application to Understanding Passivating-Contact Solar Cells

HT Nguyen, A Liu, D Yan, H Guthrey, TN Truong, M Tebyetekerwa, Z Li, Z Li, MM Al-Jassim, A Cuevas, D Macdonald

ACS Applied Energy Materials | Published : 2018


We report luminescence phenomena from doped polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) films and their applications to study carrier transport properties in passivating-contact solar cells. Low-temperature luminescence spectra emitted from doped poly-Si layers are found to be very broad and stretched from the crystalline silicon (c-Si) luminescence peak to significantly lower energies. This suggests that these layers contain radiative defect levels whose energies are continuously distributed from the band edges to deep levels in the poly-Si bandgap. Moreover, photoinduced carriers inside poly-Si layers are found to be completely blocked by an ultrathin SiOx interlayer (∼1.3 nm). This demonstrates tha..

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