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Quantification of Sheet Resistance in Boron-Diffused Silicon Using Micro-Photoluminescence Spectroscopy at Room Temperature

HT Nguyen, S Johnston, A Paduthol, SP Harvey, SP Phang, C Samundsett, C Sun, D Yan, T Trupke, MM Al-Jassim, D Macdonald

Solar RRL | Published : 2017


A micro-photoluminescence-based technique is presented, to quantify and map sheet resistances of boron-diffused layers in silicon solar cell precursors with micron-scale spatial resolution at room temperature. The technique utilizes bandgap narrowing effects in the heavily-doped layers, yielding a broader photoluminescence spectrum at the long-wavelength side compared to the spectrum emitted from lightly doped silicon. By choosing an appropriate spectral range as a metric to assess the doping density, the impacts of photon reabsorption on the analysis can be avoided; thus, an accurate characterization of the sheet resistance can be made. This metric is demonstrated to be better representativ..

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