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Titanium oxide: A re-emerging optical and passivating material for silicon solar cells

J Cui, T Allen, Y Wan, J Mckeon, C Samundsett, D Yan, X Zhang, Y Cui, Y Chen, P Verlinden, A Cuevas

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells | Published : 2016


We demonstrate effective passivation of a variety of crystalline silicon (c-Si) surfaces by a thin layer of thermal atomic layer deposited (ALD) titanium oxide (TiO2). Surface recombination velocities of 0.8 cm/s, 2.5 cm/s and 9.8 cm/s have been obtained on n-type 10 cm, 1 Ω cm and p-type 1 Ω cm undiffused wafers, respectively. Recombination current densities of 19 fA/cm2 and 780 fA/cm2 have been measured on 120 Ω/□ boron diffused p+ and 100 Ω/□ phosphorus diffused n+ regions. In addition to providing a superior passivation on p+ over n+ (c-Si) surfaces, the ALD TiO2 layers produces a strong injection-dependent effective lifetime on the n-type substrates, both of which are consistent with th..

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