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In search of our true selves: feedback as a path to self-knowledge.

Kathryn L Bollich, Paul M Johannet, Simine Vazire

Frontiers in Psychology | Published : 2011


How can self-knowledge of personality be improved? What path is the most fruitful source for learning about our true selves? Previous research has noted two main avenues for learning about the self: looking inward (e.g., introspection) and looking outward (e.g., feedback). Although most of the literature on these topics does not directly measure the accuracy of self-perceptions (i.e., self-knowledge), we review these paths and their potential for improving self-knowledge. We come to the conclusion that explicit feedback, a largely unexamined path, is likely a fruitful avenue for learning about one's own personality. Specifically, we suggest that self-knowledge might be fully realized through..

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