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Micro-Patterned Surfaces That Exploit Stigmergy to Inhibit Biofilm Expansion.

Erin S Gloag, Christopher Elbadawi, Cameron J Zachreson, Igor Aharonovich, Milos Toth, Ian G Charles, Lynne Turnbull, Cynthia B Whitchurch

Front Microbiol | Published : 2016


Twitching motility is a mode of surface translocation that is mediated by the extension and retraction of type IV pili and which, depending on the conditions, enables migration of individual cells or can manifest as a complex multicellular collective behavior that leads to biofilm expansion. When twitching motility occurs at the interface of an abiotic surface and solidified nutrient media, it can lead to the emergence of extensive self-organized patterns of interconnected trails that form as a consequence of the actively migrating bacteria forging a furrow network in the substratum beneath the expanding biofilm. These furrows appear to direct bacterial movements much in the same way that ro..

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