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Effect of sex and sex steroids on brown adipose tissue heat production in humans

John-Paul Fuller-Jackson, Aimee L Dordevic, Iain J Clarke, Belinda A Henry

European Journal of Endocrinology | BIOSCIENTIFICA LTD | Published : 2020


Objective: Retrospective studies suggest that women have more active brown adipose tissue (BAT) than men, but little is known of the effect of fluctuating sex steroids across the menstrual cycle on thermogenesis in women. Design: To characterise the effects of sex and sex steroids on BAT activity we recruited healthy weight men (n = 14) and women at two stages of the menstrual cycle (luteal, n = 9; follicular, n = 11). Methods: Infrared thermography measured supraclavicular temperature to index BAT thermogenesis in response to both cold (immersion of one hand in water at 15°C) and meal (Ensure, 10 kcal/kg body weight) stimuli. Results: Adaptive BAT temperature responses were greater (P < 0.0..

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