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Persistent changes in the horizontal and vertical canopy structure of fire-tolerant forests after severe fire as quantified using multi-temporal airborne lidar data

Yogendra K Karna, Trent D Penman, Cristina Aponte, Nina Hinko-Najera, Lauren T Bennett



Wildfires can influence the canopy structure of resprouter forests in multiple ways including crown scorching and consumption, tree damage and mortality, and changes in resources available for recovery. Few studies have quantified post-fire changes in the canopy structure of fire-tolerant eucalypt forests, which limits understanding of the extent and persistence of fire effects on ecosystem processes including interactions with environment. In this study, we assess the impacts of a landscape-scale wildfire on the canopy structure of fire-tolerant eucalypt forests in temperate Australia using metrics derived from airborne lidar data. Our assessment, made seven years after the wildfire, encomp..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge The University of Melbourne for providing financial support to Yogendra K. Karna to pursue his PhD research. This research was also supported by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning of Victorian government through the Integrated Forest Ecosystem Research program. The authors would like to thank Julio Cesar Najera-Umana, Ben Smith and Cordula Gutekunst for their diligent fieldwork. We're thankful to Dr Luba Volkova for provision of the Nikon D700 camera for fieldwork and advice on hemispherical photo processing. We would also like to thank Jane Cawson (for HemiView software), Craig Nitschke (for climatic data) and Duncan Smith (for help in R software) and other friends for their support and encouragement during the entire period of publication. We are grateful to both the reviewers providing their valuable comments and feedback to improve the manuscript.