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YycH and YycI Regulate Expression ofStaphylococcus aureusAutolysins by Activation of WalRK Phosphorylation

Mike Gajdiss, Ian R Monk, Ute Bertsche, Janina Kienemund, Tanja Funk, Alina Dietrich, Michael Hort, Esther Sib, Timothy P Stinear, Gabriele Bierbaum

MICROORGANISMS | MDPI | Published : 2020


Staphylococcus aureus is a facultative pathogen that can encode numerous antibiotic resistance and immune evasion genes and can cause severe infections. Reduced susceptibility to last resort antibiotics such as vancomycin and daptomycin is often associated with mutations in walRK, an essential two-component regulatory system (TCS). This study focuses on the WalK accessory membrane proteins YycH and YycI and their influence on WalRK phosphorylation. Depletion of YycH and YycI by antisense RNA caused an impaired autolysis, indicating a positive regulatory function on WalK as has been previously described. Phosphorylation assays with full-length recombinant proteins in phospholipid liposomes sh..

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Awarded by Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG)

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG) to G. Bierbaum (Bi504-8/1-8/3; Bi504-12/1) and the Bonfor program of the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn.