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Biodegradation of thiocyanate in groundwater by a native aquifer microbial consortium

Liam Spurr, Mathew Watts, Han Ming Gan, John Moreau

Published : 2018


Gold ore processing typically generates large amounts of thiocyanate (SCN - )-contaminated effluent. When this effluent is stored in unlined tailings dams, contamination of the underlying aquifer can occur. The potential for bioremediation of SCN - -contaminated groundwater, either in situ or through ex situ , remains largely unexplored. This study aimed to enrich and characterise SCN - -degrading microorganisms from mining-contaminated groundwater under a range of culturing conditions. Mildly acidic and suboxic groundwater, containing ~135 mgL -1 SCN - , was collected from an aquifer below an unlined tailings dam. An SCN - -degrading consortium was enriched from contaminated groundwater usi..

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