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Shear-Parallel Tropical Convective Systems: Importance of Cold Pools and Wind Shear

LD Grant, MW Moncrieff, TP Lane, SC van den Heever

Geophysical Research Letters | American Geophysical Union | Published : 2020


The impact of cold pools on line-orientated convective systems is assessed using idealized simulations of tropical oceanic convection under weak, moderate, and strong wind shear regimes. Cold pools are weakened by suppressing evaporation in the shallow subcloud layer. Analysis of objectively identified convective systems reveals that the convection with weaker cold pools is more often oriented parallel, rather than perpendicular, to the wind shear. The cold pool-induced orientation changes are most pronounced in the strong shear environment. Interactions between convective orientation and the tropical atmosphere are assessed. Simulations with shear-parallel convection demonstrate more top-of..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank two anonymous reviewers whose comments improved the manuscript clarity and content. This work was supported by NASA grant NNX16AO93G, Office of Naval Research grant N000141613093, and the Australian Research Council's Centres of Excellence Scheme (CE170100023). Data Availability Statement: Source code used in this study is available for download from the CSU Mountain Scholar digital repository ( (Grant et al., 2020).