Journal article

A clinical guide to the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of osteosarcopenia

Ben Kirk, Sarah Miller, Jesse Zanker, Gustavo Duque

Maturitas | ELSEVIER IRELAND LTD | Published : 2020


Advances in medicine have paved the way for older persons to live longer, but with more years spent living with disability and dependency. Many older persons are living with comorbidities such as osteoporosis (loss of bone mass) and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and function), two diseases that, when concurrent, form osteosarcopenia, a newly identified musculoskeletal syndrome. Osteosarcopenia impedes mobility and diminishes independence and thus quality of life. Evidence suggests the pathology of this syndrome comprises genetic polymorphisms, alterations in mechanotransduction, and localized or systemic crosstalk between growth factors and other proteins (myokines, osteokines, adipokines)..

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