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Fractalkine-induced microglial vasoregulation occurs within the retina and is altered early in diabetic retinopathy

Samuel Mills, Andrew Jobling, Michael Dixon, Bang Bui, Kirstan Vessey, Joanna Phipps, Ursula Greferath, Gene Venables, Vickie HY Wong, Connie HY Wong, Zheng He, Flora Hui, James Young, Josh Tonc, Elena Ivanova, Botir Sagdullaev, Erica Fletcher

Published : 2020


Local blood flow control within the CNS is critical to proper function and is dependent on coordination between neurons, glia and blood vessels. Macroglia such as astrocytes and Müller cells, contribute to this neurovascular unit within the brain and retina, respectively. This study explored the role of microglia, the innate immune cell of the CNS, in retinal vasoregulation and highlights changes during early diabetes. Structurally, microglia were found to contact retinal capillaries and neuronal synapses. In the brain and retinal explants, the addition of fractalkine, the sole ligand for monocyte receptor Cx3cr1, resulted in capillary constriction at regions of microglial contact. This vasc..

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