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Recurrent Optic Disc Hemorrhage and Its Association with Visual Field Deterioration in Glaucoma.

Dong An, Philip House, Christopher Barry, Andrew Turpin, Allison M McKendrick, Balwantray C Chauhan, Siobhan Manners, Stuart Graham, Dao-Yi Yu, William H Morgan

Ophthalmology Glaucoma | Published : 2020


PURPOSE: To investigate the association among optic disc hemorrhage (ODH) recurrence, location, and visual field (VF) progression. DESIGN: Prospective, observational study. PARTICIPANTS: Patients with bilateral glaucoma or unilateral glaucoma with a fellow glaucoma suspect eye were enrolled. METHODS: Patients received optic disc photography every 3 months and VF testing every 4 months. The disc was partitioned into 8 sectors to match 8 visual field (VF) sectors. The frequency of ODH in each sector was quantified over an average of 64 months. Global VF progression rate was calculated using linear regression on mean deviation. Sectoral progression rate was calculated using linear regression on..

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