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MAFBmodulates the maturation of lymphatic vascular networks in mice

Maria Rondon-Galeano, Renae Skoczylas, Neil Bower, Cas Simons, Emma Gordon, Mathias Francois, Katarzyna Koltowska, Benjamin M Hogan



BACKGROUND: Lymphatic vessels play key roles in tissue fluid homeostasis, immune cell trafficking and in diverse disease settings. Lymphangiogenesis requires lymphatic endothelial cell (LEC) differentiation, proliferation, migration, and co-ordinated network formation, yet the transcriptional regulators underpinning these processes remain to be fully understood. The transcription factor MAFB was recently identified as essential for lymphangiogenesis in zebrafish and in cultured human LECs. MAFB is activated in response to VEGFC-VEGFR3 signaling and acts as a downstream effector. However, it remains unclear if the role of MAFB in lymphatic development is conserved in the mammalian embryo. RES..

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