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Brain-predicted age associates with psychopathology dimensions in youth

Vanessa Cropley, Ye Tian, Kavisha Fernando, L Sina Mansour, Christos Pantelis, Luca Cocchi, Andrew Zalesky

Published : 2020


Background This study aims to investigate whether dimensional constructs of psychopathology relate to advanced, attenuated or normal patterns of brain development, and to determine whether these constructs share common neurodevelopmental profiles. Methods Psychiatric symptom ratings from 9312 youths (8-21 years) were parsed into 7 independent dimensions of clinical psychopathology representing conduct, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, attention, depression, bipolar, and psychosis symptoms. Using a subset of this cohort with structural MRI ( n =1313), a normative model of brain morphology was established and the model was then applied to predict the age of youth with clinical symptoms. We inves..

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