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Quantitative data independent acquisition glycoproteomics of sparkling wine

Cassandra Pegg, Toan Phung, Christopher Caboche, Suchada Niamsuphap, Marshall Bern, Kate Howell, Benjamin Schulz

Published : 2020


ABSTRACT Sparkling wine is an alcoholic beverage enjoyed around the world. The sensory properties of sparkling wine depend on a complex interplay between the chemical and biochemical components in the final product. Glycoproteins have been linked to positive and negative qualities in sparkling wine, but the glycosylation profiles of sparkling wine have not been previously investigated in detail. We analysed the glyco/proteome of sparkling wines using protein- and glycopeptide-centric approaches. We developed an automated workflow that created ion libraries to analyse Sequential Window Acquisition of all THeoretical mass spectra (SWATH) Data Independent Acquisition (DIA) mass spectrometry dat..

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