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Temporal transcriptome profiling of Microchloropsis gaditana CCMP526 under hyper-saline conditions

Anbarasu Karthikaichamy, John Beardall, Ross Coppel, Santosh Noronha, Sanjeeva Srivastava, Dieter Bulach

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory | Published : 2020


ABSTRACT Microalgae can tolerate a wide range of environmental conditions and have been exploited for their lipid and carbohydrate accumulating properties. The utility of this process could be further enhanced through understanding the critical gene regulatory networks that govern the acclimatization process. Advancements in systems biology and sequencing tools now enable us to obtain a genome-wide overview of gene expression under particular conditions of interest. Under salinity stress, Microchloropsis gaditana CCMP526, a commercially important alga has been previously reported to accumulate carbohydrate and lipid. To understand the mechanism of acclimatization, here we report a temporal t..

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