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What Are Artists and Art Educators Teaching Us About How We Can Conceive and Deliver Teacher Professional Learning Into the Future?

Kathryn Coleman, Abbey MacDonald

Teaching, Technology, and Teacher Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Stories from the Field. | AACE-Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education | Published : 2020


Artists and art educators have an aptitude for nimble, responsive and adaptive thinking borne from extensive experiences of traversing crises; be it through enduring significant cuts to funding, marginalization in cultural and curriculum agendas and – consequently - having to reinvent where, when and how they engage in their practice. In looking at the ways in which artists and art educators have weathered such challenges, a masterclass in professional reinvention and transformation emerges. In consideration of this, what insights can be drawn from the practices of artists and arts educators in Australia to inform how we conceive and deliver global teacher professional learning into the futu..

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