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Changes in German Mental Health Care by Implementing a Global Treatment Budget-A Mixed-Method Process Evaluation Study.

Julian Schwarz, Laura Galbusera, Andreas Bechdolf, Thomas Birker, Arno Deister, Annette Duve, Philip Heiser, Kerit Hojes, Sonja Indefrey, Jakob Johne, Burkhard Rehr, Sandeep Rout, Harald Scherk, Anna Schulz-Du Bois, Bettina Wilms, Dyrk Zedlick, Manfred Zeipert, Martin Heinze, Sebastian von Peter

Frontiers in Psychiatry | Published : 2020


Background: Internationally, there is a broad spectrum of outreach and integrative care models, whereas in Germany acute psychiatric treatment is still mostly provided in inpatient settings. To overcome this, a new legal framework (§64b Social Code V) has been introduced, promoting "Flexible and Integrative Treatment" Models (FIT64b), based on a "Global Treatment Budget" (GTB) financing approach. 23 hospitals have implemented the framework according to local needs and concepts. Prior research has already identified specific components of FIT64b. Based on this, our paper aims to examine the implementation process and underpinning change mechanisms of GTB-based FIT64b models from a staff, serv..

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