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Endophthalmitis after strabismus surgery: incidence and outcome in relation to age, operated eye muscle, surgical technique, scleral perforation and immune state.

Huibert J Simonsz, Tina Rutar, Stephen Kraft, Alberta AHJ Thiadens, Manou R Batstra, Robert M Verdijk, Karin U Loeffler, Guntram Kommerell, undefined Endophthalmitis-after-Strabismus-Surgery Reporting Group

Acta Ophthalmologica | Published : 2021


PURPOSE: Identify risk factors for endophthalmitis after strabismus surgery (EASS) and relate these to incidence and outcome. METHODS: Ophthalmologists, who had operated, diagnosed or treated EASS, completed a case record form with 71 questions in six domains: Preoperative, Surgery, Perforation, Postoperative, Outcome and Experts' opinion. To estimate the age-specific incidence per number of strabismus operations in the Netherlands during 1994-2013, the age distribution of Dutch cases was compared with the age-specific rates of strabismus surgery in the Dutch Registry of Strabismus Operations and with population data. Exploratory data analysis was performed. The immune state was evaluated in..

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