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Eosinophil function in adipose tissue is regulated by Kruppel-like factor 3 (KLF3)

Alexander J Knights, Emily J Vohralik, Peter J Houweling, Elizabeth S Stout, Laura J Norton, Stephanie J Alexopoulos, Jinfen J Yik, Hanapi Mat Jusoh, Ellen M Olzomer, Kim S Bell-Anderson, Kathryn N North, Kyle L Hoehn, Merlin Crossley, Kate GR Quinlan



The conversion of white adipocytes to thermogenic beige adipocytes represents a potential mechanism to treat obesity and related metabolic disorders. However, the mechanisms involved in converting white to beige adipose tissue remain incompletely understood. Here we show profound beiging in a genetic mouse model lacking the transcriptional repressor Krüppel-like factor 3 (KLF3). Bone marrow transplants from these animals confer the beige phenotype on wild type recipients. Analysis of the cellular and molecular changes reveal an accumulation of eosinophils in adipose tissue. We examine the transcriptomic profile of adipose-resident eosinophils and posit that KLF3 regulates adipose tissue func..

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Awarded by Australian National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We would like to thank Chris Brownlee and Emma Johansson at the UNSW BRIL Flow Cytometry Facility for their assistance with flow cytometry and sorting experiments, along with Brendan Lee (UNSW BRIL) and Debbie Burnett (Garvan Institute) for their help with animal experiments. We would like to acknowledge the work of the Garvan Histopathology Service for histological sample preparation and staining, and the Biomedical Imaging Facility (BMIF) at UNSW Sydney. We are also very grateful for the assistance of Dr. Axel Kallies, Dr. Ajith Vasanthakumar and Dr. Jon Brestoff with analysing immune cell populations by flow cytometry. We would also like to acknowledge the assistance of the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics (UNSW) for their sequencing and microarray assistance. This work was supported by funding from the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council to M.C. (APP1025873 and APP1025877). A.J.K., J.J.Y. and E.S.S. were supported by Australian Postgraduate Awards. H.M.J. was supported by an Academic Training Scheme (SLAB) scholarship from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education. K.G.R.Q. was supported by a Scientia Fellowship and S.J.A. and E.J.V. were supported by Scientia Scholarships.