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High CD26 and Low CD94 Expression Identifies an IL-23 Responsive V delta 2( ) T Cell Subset with a MAIT Cell-like Transcriptional Profile

Kathleen M Wragg, Hyon-Xhi Tan, Anne B Kristensen, Catriona Nguyen-Robertson, Anthony D Kelleher, Matthew S Parsons, Adam K Wheatley, Stuart P Berzins, Daniel G Pellicci, Stephen J Kent, Jennifer A Juno

CELL REPORTS | CELL PRESS | Published : 2020


Vδ2+ T cells play a critical role in immunity to micro-organisms and cancer but exhibit substantial heterogeneity in humans. Here, we demonstrate that CD26 and CD94 define transcriptionally, phenotypically, and functionally distinct Vδ2+ T cell subsets. Despite distinct antigen specificities, CD26hiCD94lo Vδ2+ cells exhibit substantial similarities to CD26hi mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells, although CD26- Vδ2+ cells exhibit cytotoxic, effector-like profiles. At birth, the Vδ2+Vγ9+ population is dominated by CD26hiCD94lo cells; during adolescence and adulthood, Vδ2+ cells acquire CD94/NKG2A expression and the relative frequency of the CD26hiCD94lo subset declines. Critically, expo..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the study participants and clinical staff, including Dr. Chantelle Ahlenstiel and Yves d'Udekem and Igor E. Konstantinov from the Department of Cardiac Surgery, Royal Children's Hospital and the BMDI Cord Blood Bank, Murdoch Children's Research Institute. The HIV-infected samples for this project were provided by the Immunovirology Research Network of the Australian Centre for Hepatitis and HIV Virology Research. We acknowledge the Melbourne Cytometry Platform for provision of flow cytometry services and V. Jameson and staff at the Melbourne Brain Centre Flow Cytometry Facility for provision of sorting services. The study was funded by the Australia National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC). S.J.K., J.A.J., A.K.W., and D.G.P. are funded by NHMRC fellowships.