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New perspectives on the role of Drp1 isoforms in regulating mitochondrial pathophysiology

Ayeshah A Rosdah, William J Smiles, Jonathan S Oakhill, John W Scott, Christopher G Langendorf, Lea MD Delbridge, Jessica K Holien, Shiang Y Lim



Mitochondria are dynamic organelles constantly undergoing fusion and fission. A concerted balance between the process of mitochondrial fusion and fission is required to maintain cellular health under different physiological conditions. Mutation and dysregulation of Drp1, the major driver of mitochondrial fission, has been associated with various neurological, oncological and cardiovascular disorders. Moreover, when subjected to pathological insults, mitochondria often undergo excessive fission, generating fragmented and dysfunctional mitochondria leading to cell death. Therefore, manipulating mitochondrial fission by targeting Drp1 has been an appealing therapeutic approach for cytoprotectio..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Vinita Joardar from The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) who has provided information on the Drp1 transcripts. This work was supported by grants from the St Vincent's Hospital (Melbourne) Research Endowment Fun, Stafford Fox Medical Research Foundation and infrastructure funding from the Victorian Government (Australia) Operational Infrastructure Support Scheme to St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research. A.A.R. is supported by Australia Awards Scholarship. C.G.L. is an National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia) early career research fellow.