Journal article

Genetics and pediatric hospital admissions, 1985 to 2017

Stephanie Gjorgioski, Jane Halliday, Merilyn Riley, David J Amor, Martin B Delatycki, Agnes Bankier

Genetics in Medicine | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2020


PURPOSE: To determine the prevalence and sociodemographic and hospitalization history of genetic conditions in a sample of inpatients in a pediatric hospital in 2017, and to compare results with unpublished studies from 1985, 1995, and 2007. METHODS: Two weeks of admissions were classified according to a pre-existing categorization, based on genetic etiology, encompassing chromosomal and monogenic conditions, multifactorial (MF) conditions, and no known genetic cause. RESULTS: In 2017, 299 (16%) patients had chromosomal or monogenic conditions, 6-7% more than 2007 and 1995, but similar to 1985. Autosomal dominant (AD) conditions increased from <2% previously to 6% in 2017 (p < 0.001). MF con..

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