Book Chapter

The Importance of the Transit Environment: Does It Affect the Risk of Sexual Victimization?

Vania Ceccato, Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Monica Pérez-Trujillo, Iderlina Mateo-Babiano, Per Nasman, Linda Langefors

Transit Crime and Sexual Violence in Cities International Evidence and Prevention | Routledge | Published : 2020


The aim of this chapter is to examine and compare the influence of characteristics of both the physical and social environment on sexual harassment and on the perceptions of transit safety among university students. For this particular investigation, the chapter draws data from four cities, each located in a different continent: Los Angeles in North America, Bogotá in South America, Stockholm in Europe, and Manila in Asia. We analyze the data through the use of descriptive statistics and logistic regression models to evaluate the impact of the transit environment on student riders’ victimization and feelings of safety. This is followed by a discussion of the findings, conclusions, and an ove..

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