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Software-Defined Network (SDN) data plane security: Issues, solutions, and future directions

A Shaghaghi, MA Kaafar, R Buyya, S Jha

Handbook of Computer Networks and Cyber Security: Principles and Paradigms | Springer Nature | Published : 2020


Software-defined network (SDN) radically changes the network architecture by decoupling the network logic from the underlying forwarding devices. This architectural change rejuvenates the network-layer granting centralized management and reprogrammability of the networks. From a security perspective, SDN separates security concerns into control and data plane, and this architectural recomposition brings up exciting opportunities and challenges. The overall perception is that SDN capabilities will ultimately result in improved security. However, in its raw form, SDN could potentially make networks more vulnerable to attacks and harder to protect. In this paper, we provide a comprehensive revi..

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