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Speech Perception Changes in the Acoustically Aided, Nonimplanted Ear after Cochlear Implantation: A Multicenter Study

Mario A Svirsky, Arlene C Neuman, Jonathan D Neukam, Annette Lavender, Margaret K Miller, Ksenia A Aaron, Piotr H Skarzynski, Katarzyna B Cywka, Henryk Skarzynski, Eric Truy, Fabien Seldran, Ruben Hermann, Paul Govaerts, Geert De Ceulaer, Francois Bergeron, Matthieu Hotton, Michelle Moran, Richard C Dowell, Maria Valeria Schmidt Goffi-Gomez, Ana Tereza de Matos Magalhaes Show all



In recent years there has been an increasing percentage of cochlear implant (CI) users who have usable residual hearing in the contralateral, nonimplanted ear, typically aided by acoustic amplification. This raises the issue of the extent to which the signal presented through the cochlear implant may influence how listeners process information in the acoustically stimulated ear. This multicenter retrospective study examined pre- to postoperative changes in speech perception in the nonimplanted ear, the implanted ear, and both together. Results in the latter two conditions showed the expected increases, but speech perception in the nonimplanted ear showed a modest yet meaningful decrease that..

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