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Use of magnetic particles in the purification of IgM antibodies against Taenia solium.

L Agueda Perez, Yesenia Castillo, Cindy Espinoza, Luz M Toribio, Yesica Santos, Kevin S Martel, Patricia P Wilkins, Javier A Bustos, Hector H García, Yagahira E Castro-Sesquen, undefined por el Grupo de Trabajo en Cisticercosis en Perú, Grupo de Trabajo en Cisticercosis en Perú: otros miembros incluyen: Robert H. Gilman, MD, DTMH; Armando E. Gonzalez, DVM, PhD; y Victor C.W. Tsang, PhD (Coordination Board); Silvia Rodriguez, MSc; Isidro Gonzalez, MD; Herbert Saavedra, MD; Sofia Sanchez, MD; Manuel Martinez, MD (Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Neurológicas, Lima, Perú); Manuela Verastegui, PhD; Mirko Zimic, PhD; Saul Santivañez, MD, PhD; Holger Mayta, PhD; Monica Pajuelo, PhD; Gianfranco Arroyo, DVM, MSc (Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Perú); Maria T. Lopez, DVM, PhD; Luis Gomez, DVM; Ana Vargas, DVM; Cesar M. Gavidia, DVM, PhD (School of Veterinary Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Perú); Luz M. Moyano, MD; Ricardo Gamboa, MSc; Claudio Muro; Percy Vichez, MSc (Cysticercosis Elimination Program, Tumbes, Perú); Seth O´Neal, MD, MPH (Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, USA); Sukwan Handali, MD; John Noh (Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA); Theodore E. Nash, médico; Siddhartha Mahanty, MD, PhD (NIAID, NIH, Bethesda, MD); Jon Friedland (Imperial College, London, UK).

Rev Peru Med Exp Salud Publica | Published : 2020


The use of L protein coupled magnetic particles for the concentration and purification of immunoglobulin M (mIgM) monoclonal antibodies against Taenia solium was evaluated. Three concentration methods and different elution times were evaluated and the ratio of particles to the ratio of mIgM was optimized. It is demonstrated that: 1) with the use of magnetic particles, a previous concentration of mIgM is not required, which reduces the manipulation of the antibodies and improves the recovery, 2) the use of a binding buffer can be omitted, since the pH of most cell culture supernatants are neutral, and 3) longer elution times (~ 45 minutes) are needed to increase recovery to a level greater th..

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