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Stochastic-Aware Conformance Checking: An Entropy-Based Approach

SJJ Leemans, A Polyvyanyy

32nd International Conference, CAiSE 2020, Grenoble, France, June 8–12, 2020, Proceedings | Springer | Published : 2020


Business process management (BPM) aims to support changes and innovations in organizations’ processes. Process mining complements BPM with methods, techniques, and tools that provide insights based on observed executions of business processes recorded in event logs of information systems. State-of-the-art discovery and conformance techniques completely ignore or only implicitly consider the information about the likelihood of processes, which is readily available in event logs, even though such stochastic information is necessary for simulation, prediction and recommendation in models. Furthermore, stochastic information can provide business analysts with further actionable insights on frequ..

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