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Modeling Thrombin Generation in Plasma under Diffusion and Flow.

Christian JC Biscombe, Steven K Dower, Ineke L Muir, Dalton JE Harvie

Biophysical Journal | Biophysical Society | Published : 2020


We investigate the capacity of published numerical models of thrombin generation to reproduce experimentally observed threshold behavior under conditions in which diffusion and/or flow are important. Computational fluid dynamics simulations incorporating species diffusion, fluid flow, and biochemical reactions are compared with published data for thrombin generation in vitro in 1) quiescent plasma exposed to patches of tissue factor and 2) plasma perfused through a capillary coated with tissue factor. Clot time is correctly predicted in individual cases, and some models qualitatively replicate thrombin generation thresholds across a series of tissue factor patch sizes or wall shear rates. Nu..

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